Alternative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Ahhh Valentine’s Day, love it or hate it, it happens every year, and every year I’m guessing you’re bought the same old flowers or aftershave? Well guys and gals, we have compiled a list of the perfect alternative Valentine’s gift ideas for the significant other in your life - or just for yourself! So whether it’s you who needs a little gifting inspiration, or you need to leave this conveniently open on your phone in front of your BAE, read on to be inspired… 


Chunky Knit Blanket or Throw

And yes, before you say it, this is a shameless plug, but we just love them! Handmade using only 100% natural Merino Wool, your chunky knit blanket will make a perfect surprise Valentine’s Day gift they definitely won’t expect, and you’ll get major brownie points! Visit our chunky knit blanket shop to browse the range! 


Personalised Mackenzie and George Belt 

The Mackenzie and George belts are also handmade using vegetable tanned leather and are truly exquisite. And, what’s more, for only an additional £9, you can have the initials of your Valentine’s embossed on any belt. 


Your Face on Their Socks

I mean, the intro says it all! This is a great present purely for the comedy value, but at £19.99 for one pair of socks, you better make sure they’re worth it! Speaking from experience, the personalised face socks are great quality and never fail to make the recipient howl with laughter.


Fly Them Around The World (or just to Spain)

There’s a really cool website called Jacks Flight Club where you can sign up to receive their emails with cheap flights in - it’s as simple as that! They don’t spam you with nonsense and really do find some incredibly good deals for flights all over the world. So whisk your Valentine off somewhere exotic this year for a fraction of the price.


Comment below any cool Valentine’s Day gift ideas you have or share your own gift guides too!

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