Corporate Away Days Don’t Get Much Better Than This

Ever wanted to book the perfect country estate, activity packed getaway? Then look no further than Camp Hill Estate near Bedale, in North Yorkshire. 


Having already visited Camp Hill Estate for the Sausage and Beer Festival held in July (which by the way was as incredible as it sounds), I was thrilled to hear that our corporate away day was going to be held there too. Think rolling green fields, rustic barns and views for days - that’s Camp Hill Estate, it’s postcard worthy. 


The day kicked off with welcome drinks and snacks in the barn to set us up for the busy day ahead. First off, we hit the high ropes, gulp! Now, being very afraid of heights I was initially terrified at the thought of being suspended 14 metres above the ground, walking along wooden planks and wires suspended in the trees. But I needn’t have worried, as the ever so professional Camp Hill staff were on hand to guide us all through the course and make sure that we were safe, happy and enjoying it. 


The second activity was King of the Castle! Having absolutely no idea what this activity entailed, we turned up to a beautiful clearing in the woods which was filled with an impressive wooden castle and surrounding huts, slides and towers. We were split into two teams and provided with a large pile of bright orange sponge balls. The Camp Hill staff member then explained the rules, I won’t go into detail but imagine a huge game of dodgeball out in the woods! There were a few variations of the game, which involved a battle to claim a flag within the castle, a hidden flag for the teams to find followed by a game of protecting the castle and then attacking it. Now, my colleagues are all lovely people, but give them sponge balls and some healthy competition, and it’s safe to say we all saw very different sides to one another. Gleeful cries of ‘YES! I got him in the face’ echoing round the peaceful woodland still makes me chuckle as I write this.



Then came the BBQ and what a feast it was, catering for over 70 people must be tough, but no one went hungry, that's for sure. There were delicious burgers, sausages, an amazingly huge salad bar, chips and a range of sauces as well a really tasty veggie burger. And then, dessert, wait for it… homemade, warm apple crumble and custard. How on earth these guys managed to get warm apple crumble and custard for 70 people and still make it taste that good, I will never know! The BBQ was followed with drinks, dancing and the most hilarious Lip Sync battle I have ever witnessed. 


Everyone had the option to stay over in their well-equipped campsite, or in the bunk barns if camping isn’t your cup of tea. Then, to wind down after cutting up the dance floor, it was roasted marshmallows and drinks by the campfire - what a way to end the night. 


All in all, our Camp Hill Estate corporate away day was a huge success, everyone genuinely enjoyed themselves and the activities really helped with morale, ice breaking and bonding throughout the company. Thank you, Camp Hill, for providing 48 hours of perfect escapism from the day to day slog! 


Fancy booking your own fun day out either with your business or just with friends and family, head to the Camp Hill Estate website and book online, I promise you will love it! 








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