How To Care For Your Chunky Knit Wool Blanket

Why Unspun Merino Wool?

The Merino wool we use here at Chunky Knit Boutique to create your chunky knit blanket or throw is ‘unspun’ wool. This means that it is much softer, fluffier and cosier than other wools and creates that Pinterest-worthy look! However, as with all woollen products some shedding, and piling will occur.

Merino wool is sustainable, cruelty-free and also hypoallergenic, so is ideal for allergy sufferers. It has antibacterial properties (the fibres are so fine, bacteria struggles to stick to it), it’s not itchy like some wool, is stain resistant, breathable and smells amazing! With so many amazing characteristics, Merino unspun wool is always the right choice for your arm knitted blanket.

How To Stop My Chunky Knit Blanket From Shedding

We know that shedding or piling isn’t always ideal, so here are some quick tips to explain how to ‘felt’ your chunky knit Merino wool blanket to help minimise it moulting. 

‘Felting’ is the process of combining or compressing the individual wool fibres together, this makes the wool slightly tougher and helps reduce shedding. Here are some ways you can felt your chunky knit blanket or throw: 

  • Let the wool felt naturally: friction from gentle use over time will start to lightly felt your blanket naturally and you’ll notice that any shedding will reduce with use
  • Soak it in the bath: if you want a quicker fix. Lay your blanket in a bath of cold water, just enough to cover it all. Leave the blanket to soak up some of the water then hand-wring it out and let it air-dry naturally while flat
  • Dry cleaning: this is a far safer option than machine washing but isn’t always practical and can also mean the blanket loses some softness
  • Machine wash it: only on a fully cold, gentle hand wash setting with no detergents. We do not recommend this but if you’re after a completely shred-free, fully felted blanket, it is still an option but you will lose the fluffy feel of the wool

How To Give My Chunky Knit Blanket A Spruce

First off, give it a gentle shake and plumping from time to time, this will help return the blanket back to its original shape and even out any misshaped stitching.

Remove any of the naturally occurring pilings by hand. Simply pinch the pilling with your fingers tips and gentle pull in the direction of the wool, then smooth it down after. 

If any stains do occur such as split tea or coffee, run the area under cold water right away. Then squeeze and pat dry with a towel and let the blanket air-dry naturally while flat. Never use heat on your blanket, as this will shrink the fibres and misshape your chunky knit blanket. 

If you have any questions or concerns about caring for your chunky knit wool blanket, feel free to drop us a message on Instagram or via our contact form. We always love to hear from our wonderful customers and see your photos!

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