Introducing Chunky Knit Boutique

Hello and welcome to the first ever Chunky Knit Boutique blog post!

It’s an exciting time here at Chunky Knit Boutique with the launch of our brand-new website, taking a step away from the safety-net of the Chunky Knit Boutique Esty shop and into the unknown…

It’s not that scary really, it simply means we can avoid the high selling fees that Etsy have to add onto your purchases and you can buy your big knit blanket at the cheapest possible price! Win, win right?


So, How Did We Get Here?

It all started as a simple hobby during university while studying for my Art and Design degree (and yes, that is a real degree!). I needed to create hundreds of knitted baby booties for an art installation project I was working on, so I dusted off the knitting needles and got to work.

I’d forgotten how therapeutic knitting is, it's prime ‘me-time’, a little slice of quiet where you need to concentrate just enough to not get distracted by things such as your mobile phone or TV but are still able to enjoy some quality thinking time. It brings back cherished childhood memories and is just generally enjoyable.

This escapism, coupled with now having a grown-up home (not student digs!) and wanting to have beautiful things in it, led me to start arm knitting.


And, What Do We Make?

We currently stock handmade Merino wool chunky knit blankets. All of them made with love – this isn’t just a salesy pitch, it really is so satisfying to see the finished product and to hear the lovely feedback from customers – smiley face!

In the coming year we’re looking to branch out into matching cushions, stools, pet beds, baby blankets and lots more! So, watch this space.


Lastly, What Is Merino Wool?

Merino wool is the softest and most luxurious wool you can buy. It’s very fine, meaning it’s super soft so isn’t itchy like some wools are. It’s sustainable and hyper-allergenic, so is ideal for any allergy sufferers.

The Merino sheep breed historically originate from Spain, however today, most of the world’s Merino wool comes from Australia and New Zealand. 

Here at Chunky Knit Boutique, we purchase all our Merino wool via the British Wool Marketing Board, a farmer-run organisation who source from wool-grower groups across the world. The majority of the wool we use to create our chunky knit blankets comes from South Africa and South America, simply because we’re concerned about the welfare of the Australian flocks. We always buy from welfare-assured producers means we are never supporting cruel practices, period.


Any Other Questions?

Is there anything chunky knit you want but we don’t stock? Just ask, we’re always up for a challenge!

So that’s it, nice to meet you! Thanks for reading our first little blog, I promise we won’t bang on about wool and blankets in all of them. You’ll see more of our passions covering; interiors, lifestyle, food and even a little bit of fitness – hope to see you again!

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