The Nearly New Cashmere Co Launch Party

This month I was thrilled to be invited along to the launch party of the Nearly New Cashmere Co shop in Masham, North Yorkshire. A complete breath of fresh air to your usual shopping experience, but why you ask, well read on...

Nearly New Cashmere Co

So, What’s Different About Nearly New Cashmere Co?

The lovely owner Ali tirelessly scours charity shops, vintage sales and general clear outs to source a huge range of real cashmere clothing items, most of which come from as far as New York. 

She then expertly inspects each item and sets about reconditioning, repairing, de-bobbling and fixing anything the garment may need to bring it back to its former glory. The process is then completed by carrying out a specialist hand wash procedure (they all smell amazing) to then finally be given pride of place in her brand new shop in Masham. Any items which are deemed irreparable are not discarded but instead made into scarves, gloves and even baby booties, giving a whole new purpose to the beautiful cashmere. 

By having sustainability at the core of her business, Ali is helping to lessen the effect that most fast-fashion brands are having on our environment and rejecting the throw-away culture. Over 300,000 tonnes of clothing are sent to landfills every year, which is where most of the items Ali rescues would have ended up too (absolute madness!).

Now, if the fact that you’re helping to save the environment and supporting an independent business at the same time isn’t enough, then how about getting 100% cashmere at a ridiculously discounted price? Yeah, I thought you’d like that bit. All Ali's items are very reasonably priced, meaning you can own a timeless piece of cashmere without actually breaking the bank. 

Chasmere Jumper

What are the Benefits of Cashmere?

Firstly, cashmere is insanely soft, it comes from the fleecy undercoat of the cashmere goat and is made up of extremely fine fibres (less than 19 microns, a human hair is between 50-70). It’s a high-loft fibre (meaning how much air is in the fibre) which creates it’s plush, silky-soft feel and, if you look after it correctly, cashmere can actually get softer with age (like most of us humans!).

Along with being soft, cashmere is also lightweight, doesn’t wrinkle (yay to no ironing) and is very breathable, synthetic fibres used in usual clothing can often leave you feeling hot and sweaty. It’s also non-itchy and has hypo-allergenic properties, making it a popular choice for baby clothing, blankets or for anyone with allergies (just like our chunky knit blankets!).

The high price of cashmere is due to the effort involved in collecting the fibres, it can only be carried out by hand and during the spring malting season when the goats shed their coats. It takes at least three annual sheddings of a cashmere goat to produce enough fibre to create one jumper!

Cashmere Jumper

In Conclusion

I was very kindly gifted a jumper from Nearly New Cashmere Co, but I wasn’t asked to post, blog or talk about it, so this review is completely off my own back. But as you can see, the items are high quality, beautiful and look brand new. The cream polo neck jumper I was gifted (in the photos above) was priced at only £38, an absolute bargain! 
So, if you’re ever in the area then do pop in to see Ali and the team over in Masham. The shop itself is simply stunning with the backdrop of the Yorkshire Dales and is right next door to the Black Sheep Brewery (amazing food!), so it’s well worth a day trip.

Can't make it to North Yorkshire? Then take a look at their events calendar they have lots of pop-up shops, country fair stands and horse trial stalls coming up too. 



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