Want to Know Why Dru Yoga is So Great?

I was thrilled to be invited along to the new Yoga and Pilates studio launch of Ebru Evrim based in Skipton, North Yorkshire. 

The founder Ebru Evrim, moved from Istanbul in 2015 and began teaching Ashtanga Yoga and Pilates as a freelancer in local venues. With a background in marketing, Ebru then went on to build her truly beautiful brand, opened her boutique studio and designed her own range of stunning activewear, what an inspiration! 

On arrival at the launch event, we were greeted with a platter of healthy snacks and smoothies alongwith a free branded t-shirt and tote bag (I love a tote bag!). We were then led upstairs by our lovely tutor, Claire to their spacious and frankly, bloody gorgeous studio. Here we partook in a 30 minute Dru Yoga taster session, surrounded by exposed brickwork, characterful wooden beams and huge mirrors - just perfect. 

‘Dru’ is an ancient Indian word short for Dhruva which roughly translates to ‘pole star’ and represents the stillness of the stars and our own ‘inner still-point’. It is usually a little less strenuous than most yoga practices but can still include traditional yoga poses such as the bridge, downward dog, tree pose etc.

A Dru Yoga class usually begins with some warm-up exercises known as ’activation’, then the session mainly focuses on postures, breathwork, relaxation and meditation in sequences known as “energy block release.” These can be tailored to specific needs, such as harvesting more power or letting go of strong emotions. 

The benefits of Dru Yoga include improved posture and flexibility, increased energy, relief from mental and emotional tension and helping to find inner calm (something I need on the regular!). After the session I felt immensely relaxed and renewed, I had a blissful sense of calm and stillness of the mind, I can only liken it to the feeling after a long lie-in on a Saturday morning, when you feel soooo relaxed. Claire did a great job of squeezing as much as she could into the 30 minute session and gave some great advice on postures and variations of the moves, meaning all abilities could join in. 

A huge thank you to the Ebru Evrim team and Storyteller Marketing for a thoroughly enjoyable day, it has really helped open my eyes to how effective Yoga can be for your mental state. If you’re local and want to give one of the classes a go, you can find their class timetable here. Not local, why not check out Ebru Evrim’s fabulous retreats… please can you take me along too! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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